The Technical Institute of Chamchamal was established in 2000/2001. Two years later, the (Computer Systems) Department was inaugurated. since the first day it received high school graduate students from the scientific department and the top industrial department (Computer Dep.). Applying to the course was direct. In order to keep abreast of the progress made in the field of computer and information technology through the development of curricula and the provision of specializations in this field, the department has been changed from the specialization of (computer systems) to the specialization (Information Technology). The duration of the study for the full-time program is subjected to the student’s entry qualifications into two (2) years.


Students of this department in hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health, they will study theory and practice and will be assisted by training and teaching them (Mammography) and bone density meter.


Graduates of this department will be employed as radiologists in units and hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health.