The students of this department, during the two years learn the basics of journalism in the press, TV and radio, how to use the camera and video camera, and how to prepare press reports, television and radio, as well as journalism, radio and television arts. The department plays a role in preparing the accepted students to play their role in activating the media process in society and providing the correct information to all members of society. The field in which graduates work in this section is the media field and in all media outlets, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television and electronic media. One of the most important features that students of this department should be able to do is the ability to write reports, as well as the good use of the computer. It is very useful for them if they are familiar with the use of photographic and video cameras.


The department aims to prepare students to become professional journalists who are able to work in various media channels.


The aim of the department is to prepare students to play a role in the media process and to prepare trained staff to provide the job market with young staff capable of finding suitable job opportunities.