Department of Pathology is one of the departments of Sulaimani Technical Institute of Sulaimani Polytechnic University. This department was established in 2000-2001.


After two years of study, students receive a technical diploma in disease analysis entitled

Laboratory assistants who work in hospitals and health centers of the Ministry of Health (laboratory department) as well as in universities and colleges of the Ministry of Higher Education and research centers.


The aim of this department is to train intermediate staff in the field of disease analysis to work in laboratories of health centers and hospitals.

The jobs that graduate will do after institute is laboratory assistants who have an important role in health laboratories for bacteriological tests, blood tests, chemical tests and serology who have received full knowledge in their two-year program of study in these areas:

  1. Blood science
  2. Medical Microbiology
  3. Parasitology
  4. Clinical Chemistry
  5. Serology and immunology
  6. Micro technique
  7. Tissue analysis
  8. Laboratory techniques
  9. Laboratory equipment
  10. Principles of Nursing
  11. Professional conduct