Nursing department is one of the departments of the Technical Institute of Sulaymaniyah. The graduates of this department can work in hospitals as well as private clinics. After two years of studying at the department, the student graduates with a technical diploma.

This department was established in 1989-1990 in order to produce a medical workforce that has the knowledge of nursing science and has the ability to work in hospitals and help the doctors in completing their tasks.


This department aims to provide graduates that can work in all the public hospitals as well as the private ones. Nurse has his own distinguished value in the society as he always tries to help the patient and deliver the most comforting and perfect medical care.


This department aims at producing technical nursing staff who has the ability to provide medical health care for individuals, families as well as the society and in different sectors such as; psychological care, pediatric and maternity, surgical nursing and methods of prescription delivery to the patients.

The graduates of this department can work as a nurse and doctor assistant in all the health centers and the private schools as well as all the departments of hospitals.

Department Council
Full Name Academic Title Committee Member
Layla Abdulkhaleq Abbas
Dr. Pary Mohammad Azez
Khelan Abdulla Hama Rashid