This belongs to the directory of the presidency of the university; this is related to the student’s affairs. It consists of two rooms. one of them is it`s in charge of 13 registration rooms within 5 colleges and 8 institutions, in addition to that it works for carrying out students affairs.

-Receiving students and confirming their formal papers.
-Carrying out the process of transferring students and welcoming students.
-Receiving and answering all the formal writing regarding studying for a bachelor’s and diploma.
-Correcting all the confirmed certificates with degrees and without degrees and recommendations for leaving the universities.
-Creating students certificates for bachelor and diploma students.
-Answering all the emails from the bachelor and diploma students.
-Supervising and receiving students according to the polytechnic system for technical insanitation graduates.
-Supervising and receiving students according to the parallel system.
-Supervising and receiving students according to the evening system.
-Creating annual statistics for bachelor and diploma students.
-Arranging annual plans for receiving students.
-Archiving degrees within an electronic system.

To Contact the Directorate of the Registration


The staff of the Directorate of  Registration

Dr. Bakhtiar Aubaid Sharif\ Director

Goran Sardar Kareem\Supervisor of the E-Registration and Study Plan Unit
Karmand Nawzad Sabir\E-Registration and Study Plan Unit
Awesar Majeed AbdulRahman\E-Registration and Study Plan Unit
Stav Shorsh Sabir\E-Registration and Study Plan Unit
Lava Ali Othman\E-Registration and Study Plan Unit
Binay Ahmed Muhammed\E-Registration and Study Plan Unit
Karwan Taha Ahmed\E-Registration and Study Plan Unit
Zangeen Omer Ahmed\E-Registration and Study Plan Unit\Scholastic Leave
Bekhal Omar\E-Registration and Study Plan Unit\Unpaid Leave

Niyan Mahmood Qade\Supervisor of the Certificate Unit
Shaeda Rebwar Hameed\Certificate Unit
Sana Salam Hussein\Certificate Unit
Hawnaz Ali Raza\Certificate Unit\Placement
Zheela Muhammad Najat\Certificate Unit\Maternity Leave