Pharmacy department is one of the most important departments of the Sulaimani Technical Institute in the field of medicine and pharmacology that is because of an increasing number of hospitals and pharmacies, and also in the field of medical manufacturing and medicine development make students have demands to be educated in this department. Industrial advances in medicine and pharmaceutical manufacturing have made this sector in constant demand.

After graduating from this department, they will be awarded the title of Assistant Pharmacist. This way you can work in the formal sector, in the Ministry of (Health, Higher Education, Scientific Revival, and Defense), and in the Private Sector of Private Nursing.


Graduates in this department must study for two years in this department.

Graduates of this department are awarded the title of Assistant Pharmacist and work under the medical supervision of pharmacists.

They work in hospital pharmacies and can also work in the private sector in pharmaceutical companies

Their job is to administer medicines under the guidance of a general practitioner and a pharmacist

Diploma to demonstrate his work as a pharmacist assistant.

The duties of the installation:

1- Preparation of medicines.

2- Ensure the presence of a doctor’s prescription.

3- Instruct the patient on how to use the medicine.

4- Staying with the patient after surgery


Graduates can work in both private and public sectors in pharmacies.

Operational Objectives:- The main strategic objective for this department is to fill the gaps in the region for academic staff and intermediate staff for the purpose of working in hospitals in the public sector and private market.

Pharmaceutical crisis in the market:-  There is a crisis in providing medium and specialized staff for both private and public sectors on a continuous basis.

Importance of pharmacy in society:- In general, the development of countries depends on their high level of health. Therefore, we must pay attention to improving the level of health and providing specialized staff in all subjects and medical specialties. Pharmacy is one of the fields that contributes to improving health.