Dear students and visitors, we welcome you to visit the official page of the Sulaimani Technical Institute (STI), which is the interface for viewing all the scientific and administrative aspects of the institute within the Sulaimani Technical University (STU), so that you can know the MISSION and VISION in the various fields of the institute: Medical, Administrative and Technological.

Confidently, the distinction of our students academically and morally, their constant seriousness, their eagerness to acquire knowledge and excellence, their eagerness to treat each other well, their mutual respect for each other, and their good relations with faculty members and administration contribute effectively to our good academic reputation and earn our graduates a prestigious place in distinguished work institutions. As a result of our confidence in our students and our belief in their intellectual maturity and awareness of responsibility, we have been keen on our site to explore their opinions, capabilities, and the academic and educational services it provides, by being guided in the past by what students are from, between, and between startup, and another, among them: Paying attention to the beautification of the academic campus, the places for students to sit, air-conditioning the auditoriums, the improvement of visual and audio display equipment, and the development of the website of the educational institution. We also paid special attention to developing the performance of the faculty members through training courses and continuing education courses. Students benefit from these efforts in improving their performance and academic regularity and work hard diligently to continue their excellence. We wish you continued success and more work, diligence, and to excellence always.

Assistant Professor  Dr. Chowman Aladdin Omar
Dean of the Institute