Scientific Committee Members

The role and mission of the Committee of Scientific and Higher Education affairs:

This committee will make every effort to provide all applicants for higher education at our college with an equitable higher education. The higher degree that was granted should be in line with the demands of the Kurdistan Region’s society. The topics taught in higher education and the teaching methodology should draw on cutting-edge knowledge.  

Full NameAcademic TitlePosition
Dr. Othman Abdulqader Hama AminProfessorHead of Committee
Dr. Jalal Abdullah MuhammedAssistant ProfessorMember
Dr. Yahya Omer FatahAssistant ProfessorMember
Dr. Abdulqadir Rahoome AhmadAssistant ProfessorMember
Dr. Omed Aziz IsmaelLecturerMember