The department of accounting technique was established in 2003-2004, when nearly 35 batches of Bachelor’s degree holders graduated in accounting technique. As for the postgraduate studies it was opened in the academic year (2017-2018), when (4) students were accepted in the first batch to study a master’s degree in the department of accounting technique, and a doctorate study year (2020-2021) was accepted (4) students in the first batch. Nowadays, eleven postgraduate student obtained M.A in Accounting Technique department.

The Department of Accounting technique in the Sulaimani Polytechnic University is at the forefront of skills development in the areas of company and individual financial record keeping and management of all organizations. The Department of Accounting technique is the system of keeping and managing records that track the complex flow of money of a company. By studying accounting technique, students can achieve the ability to understand the state of the company and can even offer management advice on how to improve operations.


The Department of accounting techniques operates under the College of Technical Administration at Sulaimani Polytechnic University. The purpose of the college is to provide excellent undergraduate and graduate degree programs that will prepare students to become successful professionals in a gradually diverse and interconnected workplace. The department is committed to conducting research that improves the practice of accounting, providing experiential learning opportunities for students, and a strong academic reputation for purposes of student recruitment and placement.


It is believed that engagement in various and supportive environments is critical to student success. Our academic programs will have an experiential emphasis, and will be competitive with the best programs among our peer institutions. The Department will play an essential part in the University’s goal to be a top public university by determining for high – quality undergraduate and graduate programs that assist our land-grant mission, multi-faceted interaction with the business community, and research activities that affect business practice and inform business education.

Description of the course:

The Accounting technique program prepares students for occupations in accounting fields and makes them ready to deal efficiently with the difficulties they will face as professional accountants. Moreover, the program goal is to improve the qualities that enhance the student’s professional and research, awareness of his/her responsibilities to society.

Generally, undergraduate students study for four years. In the first year, students will be introduced to key topics within the accounting field. Then they study Accounting Topics intensively in the second, third, and fourth years respectively. Students generally work towards completing a major research project, with other assessment methods including reports and presentations. Teaching is usually classroom-based, involving individual and group exercises, case studies, lectures, seminars, and IT workshops, including the use of accounting software.