Welcome to the Technical College of Administration (TCA)

        The Technical College of Administration (TCA) is the academic heart of Sulaimani Polytechnic University (SPU). The college provides undergraduate and graduate students a path of study and exploration in the humanities, social sciences, and computational sciences – the foundational fields underlying the formation of current knowledge.

Our college is a community of dedicated researchers and teachers whose work expands our understanding and imagination, and whose training prepares students for a wide range of occupations and life-long learning.

As the college’s dean, I am immensely proud of the institution’s longstanding tradition of providing practical, real-world administrative training. Our undergraduate and graduate programs in accounting, management, media, public relations and marketing assist our ambitious students become the type of leaders who can meet the demands of an era of profound social change.

Situated in an economic and cultural center, SPU provides our students with unique chances to interact with both the private and public sectors. With their professional experience, for instance, our students have completed a number of strategic consulting projects for local and national corporations, entrepreneurial initiatives, non-profit organizations, and media outlets. Not only has the organization’s expertise helped the business sector, but it has also offered the ideal platform for our students to put their study into practice.

I welcome everyone who are interested in advancing their careers and practical knowledge to visit our college’s website or campus to find out more. I sincerely hope that you will participate in our society of lifelong learners.

Prof. Dr. Hersh R. Murad
Dean of the Technical College of Administration