Technical College of Administration (TCA) is one of the three colleges formed the main campus of the Sulaimani Polytechnic University in Chwarchra area in Sulaimani governorate. The college includes the main departments dealing with social sciences and becomes an orbit of those students who aim to study the disciplines of administration, accounting, media, public relations and marketing in a practical paradigm. Nowadays this college expanded and includes four departments:

  1. Business Management technique
  2. Accounting technique
  3. Media technique
  4. Public Relations and Marketing

The goal of the Technical College of Administration is to prepare academic staff for the Kurdish society in the southern part of Kurdistan in the fields of administration, accounting, media, public relations and marketing; that are armed with the new concepts of the above disciplines. In addition, it participates in solving community problems through arranging various activities including scientific assembling like conferences and symposiums as well as conducting scientific studies on different aspects of people’s life.


Technical College of Administration aims to preamble informed and expert staff for the Kurdistan regional government foundations in connection with the administration, accounting, media, and public relations and marketing disciplines.