Business Management Department is one of the departments of TCA Administration which was established in the academic year of (2003-2004( and since then continues to learn and train students, with the aim of preparing graduates in management specialties that can take responsibility for work, that require expertise.

Business Management strives to promote and serve the community in order to promote education and adherence to the certificate of bachelor, high diploma, master’s degree, and doctorate. Also, approaching and working with advanced international universities and interacting with the labor market and civil society organizations. In the academic year of (2018-2019), Business Management Department opened master’s and high diploma study. Nowadays from a total of four students, two of them succeed in obtaining a high diploma certificate, as well as twelve applicants from the total of thirteen managed to obtain M.A. degrees. Meanwhile, two Ph.D. students were given a doctorate degree in Business Management Department.


The main objectives of the Business Management department are preparing skilled administrative cadres and leaders to meet the needs of the institutions and the labor market in the Kurdistan Regional Government agencies as well as to supervise and promote the prosperity procession in the new specialties taught by teachers in order to serve the country and develop technical administrative education.

Another objective; is the preparation of students for the private sector to deal with new technologies in the field of management techniques. On the other hand, it seeks to improve institutions through its graduates to improve the quality of work in the labor market and change behavior and idea to adapt to changes in the working environment.


The importance of the Business Management department is its reflection of the fact that; after graduation, graduates can find job opportunities, as it is obvious that this department is one of the scientific departments that have the field of employment in all institutions without management expertise.

From the perspective of professionals; Graduates can be given (assistant observer) whenever there is an appointment in the governmental sector. In addition, graduates have significant opportunities to find jobs in the private sector due to the necessity of all establishments for this specialization.

The duration of the study is four years and includes eight semesters of study based on the Bologna system that has been applied since the academic year of (2018-2019). Also, the studying languages are Kurdish, Arabic, and English and the degree obtained is a bachelor in business management technique.

For questions about the application process to all, please contact an Admissions Counsellor at:

Contact Number: (00964)7701916297