The Department of Business Administration is one of the scientific departments of the Technical Institute in Halabja Governorate, which was established in the year 2007-2008 and continues to provide specialists in the field of business management in both morning and evening shifts. The department is a center for building professional experts for institutions, governmental and private departments in to develop the administration field in the Kurdistan Region. The courses are divided into two years, and the graduates of this department receive a Diploma in Business Administration. The Department accepts students who have a preparatory certificate (scientific and literary) also students of the Department of Commercial and Professional Economics. The students of our department after graduation are called ” Writer” because their diplomas are a in business administration. knowing Arabic and Kurdish language very well, also good information on computer science, and student desire for leadership and management are motivated by student success in the department.


The Department of Business Administration at Halabjah technical institute shares a common vision statement that includes:

To be a Valued and preferred choice for pursuing Business Management Studies and generate competent management professionals to become part of the work at National and International level.

  1. Endeavour to attract bright and intellectually curious students.
  2. Foster excellence by providing the Quality education in Business Management.
  3. To promote self-employment through Entrepreneurship.
Historical summary about the department:

Department of Business Administration is one of the scientific departments of the Technical Institute in the province of Halabja which was established in the year (2007 – 2008). The first graduated students in the year (2008 – 2009) received a diploma in business administration.

Learning Outcome:
  1. The department serves the public and private sectors in self-employment, and trains the student at the professional work levels (planning, organizing, directing, monitoring), of basic resources and know how to conduct business and analysis intended to diagnose strengths and weaknesses in the fields of work and how to address them.
  2. Prepare and present the conscious individuals to manage time, work and financial capabilities, integrate them with the targeted plans, organize the data as it is and guide it as required by the field and then monitoring it until the work is fully completed. In addition, building the person who is motivated to the spirit of creativity with leadership and administrative ideas and a sense of responsibility. 
  1. Preparing and providing specialized cadres and experts to manage government and civil institutions in the region.
  2. Students master at administrative works (planning, organization, direction, monitoring).
  3. Identify the scientific and administrative range.

Students learn how to use human resources and practical capabilities in the public and private sectors, and to learn about the work of organizations and institutions.