Business Administration science is the study of the methods, techniques, and concepts that are used in running a business. This science deals with many important topics in the business world, such as marketing, accounting, human resources, production management, economics, statistics, and how to write administrative correspondence.

Business Administration science aims to improve the performance of organizations, increase their profitability, and achieve their goals. This is done through the study of theories, concepts and techniques that help in analyzing, designing, implementing and evaluating managerial activities in organizations.

Graduates holding a business administration science degree have the following job opportunities:

  1. Graduates of the Department of Business Administration are technical cadres and scientific experts in the field of management that every company needs.
  2. Graduates of this department apply the knowledge they have acquired in marketing very skillfully in the labor market.
  3. Every public and private institution is in need of technical administrative cadres.

The Department of Business administration was established in 2011, and it was the third department at the institute level which was created as a need for the city of Derbandikhan and the region that was deprived of central technical staff in the field of administration. From the very beginning of its establishment, it has emphasized the importance of managing the teaching process. In this department, they are educating a skilled cadre in the field of management and marketing so that they can make their mark in the future. This department focuses on updating study strategies in line with contemporary developments and  keeping in mind the future of students and ensuring their scientific and technical skills.

The objective of the Department of Business administration is to train central technical cadres who are scientifically competent and experts in the field of administration, have skills in management, marketing and use of human resources for all public offices and private sector centers.


The vision of the Business administration department:

  1. Offering an academic technical diploma in business administration and management.
  2. Participate in management science in working as an expert resource in the community, public and private institutions and the labor market.
General information:
  1. It is one of the important departments of Darbandikhan Technical Institute at Sulaimani Polytechnic University.
  2. The Department of business Administration was established in 2011 by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Due to the lack of adequate academic staff, it admitted a small number of students that year.
  3. Currently, 138 morning and 102 evening students are enrolled in the department.
  1. Awarding of Technical Diploma in Administration.
  2. Prepare and train technical staff with expertise in management and marketing.
  3. Developing human resource management in the field of management.