Darbandikhan Technical Institute is an important and leading foundation that belongs to the Presidency of Sulaimani Polytechnic University. The institute has several technical departments including Accounting, Administration, Surveying, Computer Science, and Nursing and Electrical department. It has a large number of students and sufficient scientific cadres to serve many goals and plans of the Institute. The graduates of this Institute will contribute to some solutions of some issues of the society in which they live.


Learning, discovery, training and constant development are our utmost goals along with building a bridge that connects the institute to the society, which ultimately solves the problems of the society, the marketing issues and brings about a better life for the people


The main aim of Darbandikhan Technical Institute is to build a learning environment free of fear and full of psychological safety, where the teachers, staff, and the students can develop their skills and expand their horizons through critical thinking and scientific arguments. This prepares the students for the future challenges and gives them strength to carry on in the ever-changing world. The institute familiarizes the teachers and students with the multifaceted challenges of the virtual world (virtual intelligence) and the technological changes that continue to affect the marketing arena. For that purpose, we promote the culture of criticism and learning foundations.