Surveying is the science that searches for different ways to represent the ground surface and what it contains of natural and fabricated features on a map with a specific scale. The Department of Surveying was established at Darbandikhan Technical Institute in 2011. The department provides the labor market with staffs that trained in the use of advanced surveying equipment. This could be served by covering principles and techniques of field measurements.

Graduates of the Department of Surveying can work in all state institutions, especially those related to engineering projects, as surveyors in order to determine cadastral points, survey roads and calculate the volumes of earthworks from cutting and filling. Furthermore, graduates can work in the field of geodetic networks, organizing and monitoring dams and major projects.


The department aims to prepare scientifically and practically qualified staff in the field of surveying that are able to compete the labor market in accordance with approved international standards and development.


The vision of the department is expanding the base of technical education in coincidence with the modern applications that lead to distinction and modernity in qualifying technical staff in the field of surveying, scientifically and practically to meet the needs of the labor market.

Student’s outcome:
  1. Carry out the field work measurements based on advanced surveying equipment.
  2. Carry out the office work to perform the necessary calculations in determining areas, locations, volumes based on aerial photographs and satellite images.
  3. Preparing maps from aerial photos and pictorial data (air and space) using the necessary annotation devices or using ready-made programs designed for the purpose of processing satellite images and deducing everything related to the natural features of the earth.
  4. Preparing digital maps to collect, monitor, store, process, update and analyze data to produce results, display all information and extract thematic maps using the GIS system.

Head of the department : Dr. Bassam Qasim Abdulrahman