The department of Computer science employs different techniques and strategies to help the students learn more about technology in general and computer science in particular. The cutting edge programs and applications which are useful in today’s world are studied and examined in this department. The department was established in 2017.


The mission of this department is to educate the students about computer and its multifaceted roles in the society. We want to help the students, and through them, the society to learn that computer plays a significance role in today’s life and everyone has to familiarize themselves with it.


The department of computer science in Darbandikhan Technical Institute aims at helping students familiarize themselves with the fast-paced world of technology which is prevalent. Through the rich curriculum the department wants to improve students’ ability to use various aspects of computer programs which are very useful in today’s life.

Goals of the department:

Providing excellent education in a state-of-the-art environment, preparing students for careers as computer scientists in industry, government and academia. Advance theoretical, experimental, and applied computer science through nationally and internationally recognized research by faculty and students; and support society by participating in and encouraging technology transfer.


The objective of Computer Science Department is to prepare students for successful careers and for advanced graduate study in computer science, by giving them the following qualities:

  1. Breadth: Knowledge of a broad range of Computer Science skills, tools, and mathematical techniques, and the capability of applying them to analyze and design complex systems.
  2. Depth: Deep understanding of fundamental theoretical and practical Computer Science, and the ability to adapt to an ever-changing technological landscape.
  3. Reasoning: Capability of solving a wide variety of problems by applying principles of computational thinking.

Name of the head of department: Sirwan M. Aziz M. Faraj


Department Council
Full Name Academic Title Committee Member
Sirwan Muhammed Aziz Hama farag
Ali Baram Muhammed
Shler Muhamaed Ali