We, at Darbandikhan Technical Institute, perceive of education and learning as loving and enthusiastic processes. The progress of our university in general, and our institute in particular is our ultimate aim. Progress on various levels, such as; promoting scientific researches, high quality teaching, training and developing various skills of our teachers and employees. We also aim at bridging the gap between the institute and the society with the hope of solving various issues of the society.

We, the teachers, employees and students are first and for most one human community, one closely-related human council. We are human first and then a governmental foundation. ‘Happy staff’ is our motto. Our way of work is called psychological safety, which means that no one has to feel at unease psychologically. We work passionately, rationally and consciously toward a significant purpose, which is creating a meaningful life, a healthy connection and productive institute that prepares skilled cadres to the community. That means we are conscious about our employees’ needs and well beings just as the ways we are worried for our own lives. We care for each other and strongly respect the ties between us. We believe that the more we care about ourselves the more productive we become and the more advantages we provide to the community, which in turn help us have a clear conscience and peaceful stay in the position.

Dr. Rzgar Abdkareem
Dean of Darbandikhan Technical Institute