Department of Accounting is one of the departments in the Technical Institute in Halabja, which located in the center of the city of Halabja The study in this departments is two years, and it is taught by specialized teachers in scientific and modern, and the goal is to serve the community through education and development programs and scientific training Public and private sector

  1. Qualification of technical cadres in accounting and holder of diploma in accounting
  2. Organizing training courses for employees of the state and private sectors
  3. Assisting and developing organizations through accounting consultation
  4. Participate in increasing employment opportunities for youth through training courses for them.
  1. Procedure Analytics Accounting for companies.
  2. Solving accounting problems in the public and private sectors.
  3. The ability to use Special accounting devices.
  4. Communicate financial and non-financial information to users of this information for the purpose of making use of them to make appropriate decisions.