The department was Established in 2004-2005, as the Sulaimani Technical College, which later became one of the main colleges of the Sulaimani Polytechnic University. It opened doors to students to join the department in 2004-2005. So far, more than 600 students have graduated. There is still a strong relationship between students who have completed their studies. Another part of the students is continuing their higher education as master’s students. Our department continues to consult with students who intend to complete master and doctorate studies abroad.

What is worth mentioning is that studying urban planning engineering requires a wide range of clarity, and depends on a wide range of sciences and types such as engineering, social, economic and environmental science, as well as expertise and skills in modern technologies, and the use of new devices and computer programming. For these reasons, the Planning Engineering Department has continued to establish contacts with the relevant authorities in the fields described above. This has aimed at improving the curriculum in the section annd to adapt to the needs of the new society and the technological revolution of humanity that started at the beginning of the twenty-first century and continues till now.


The city planning engineering department with all the staff available from teachers and employees and with the help of similar departments in public and private universities is trying to lead and succeed continuously in different fields of city planning engineering. The department is trying to achieve a proper and special educational environment for the development of a new generation of planners and urban engineers whose skills are compatible with today’s needs of work, markets and community thinking.

Our division is also trying to enrich government offices and the private sector by providing engineers with good experience in laying the foundation stone for proper planning for the success of development projects through building the economic infrastructure of modern and complete cities in terms of modern needs, as well as to protect a clean and sustainable environment and to protect the culture, heritage and history that Kurdistan is known for especially and all of Iraq.


The importance of the department in the market:

Just as urban planning engineers graduated from Sulaimani Polytechnic University can play their role in all local and governmental institutions and do their job, take all kinds of responsibility for each other, communes or other organizations within the community, real estate executive companies, as well as working as consultants with other engineering partners such as architects and civilizations in various fields of architecture, surveying, etc. Because of the multi-featured nature of our section’s program and the important role planning engineers play in different fields, our graduates can do a variety of jobs in different places through their careers.

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