Sulaimani Technical College was established in 2003. Technical College of Engineering at that time, consists only of one department (Mechanical Engineering/ Welding Technology). In 2004, the department of (Urban and City Planning Engineering) was opened. At that time, this department was not only new to Kurdistan but also to Iraq and the Middle East.  For the academic year (2005-2006), students were able to enroll in a new department which was the (Communication Engineering department). The aim of opening this department was to assist in substantiating the field of communication in the service of Kurdistan’s airport and telecommunication companies.  An increase demand for local qualified staff in Petroleum field to be a solid base in the growing technical field was the reason behind the establishment of the department of (Petroleum & Energy Engineering) in 2016. The fifth department with name (Electrical Power Engineering) was opened in 2018.


Technical College of Engineering (TCE) provides students with a prestigious Bachelor degree in engineering. It prepares them for a successful career in all the government and private sectors as an engineer according to a comprehensive range of curricula and a supported learning environment with practical hands-on experience. Consequently, the TCE aims at improving general industries and formulating strategic plans to increase local manufacturing and production. Also, it plays a key role in renovation and construction projects in the Kurdistan Region. Besides playing a major role in improving the telecommunication industry and electricity according to modern and updated techniques. That is despite the improvement in the oil industry and petroleum extraction.

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