Scientific Committee Members

The role and mission of the Committee of Scientific and Higher Education affairs:

The role and mission of the scientific committee in the Halabja Technical College of Applied Science 

  1. A scientific committee is a group of faculty doctors, scientists, and other experts who are responsible for overseeing, and guiding scientific research, and other experts that review the detailed plan for scientific quality and correct study design, and activities of the college. Committee members and officers have duties to make decisions and act in the best interests of their association.
  2. The primary mission of a scientific committee is to ensure that the research conducted within the college meets high standards of scientific rigor, ethics, and relevance. This may involve reviewing research proposals, advising faculty members and students on research methods and best practices, evaluating the quality of research publications, and promoting collaboration and interdisciplinary research within the college.
  3. In addition, a scientific committee may also be responsible for organizing scientific conferences and workshops, inviting distinguished speakers to give lectures and seminars, and promoting public awareness of the scientific research conducted at the college.
  4. Overall, the role and mission of a scientific committee in a college is to foster a culture of scientific excellence and innovation and to ensure that the research conducted within the college is one of the highest qualities and contributes to the advancement of knowledge in the relevant fields.