This Department was established in 2008. The Surveyor plays an active and important role in project development, drafting and design in different technological sectors, working closely with the designers and engineers. Surveyors can work in engineering projects with government, private developers, contractors, and public utility companies.

This department helps students to cover the principles and techniques of field measurements and adjustments, boundary, topographic, geodetic, route and construction surveys. It allows students to develop maps from field measurements, design and layout construction projects, plan subdivision developments, and establish horizontal and vertical control using satellite geodesy. Students also cover topics from civil, architecture and construction engineering, including structures, fluid mechanics and the construction of highways.

  1. To provide surveyors with excellence in surveying and mapping, to meet the needs of the Market.
  2. To provide a high standard of advice to government departments and others on all surveying and mapping matters.
  3. To fulfill efficiently all statutory requirements to supervise and control surveys of land for registration purposes.
  4. To provide surveying services to the government to effectively support the development and management of its land.
  5. To maintain and make accurate and up-to-date mapping services to meet the needs of the nation.
  6. To develop the knowledge and skills of the staff in order to ensure that they provide high quality products and services at all times.