Nursing Department at Kalar Technical College has preparing students for employees and professional with the highest quality of nursing education. This department applied the best curriculum of nursing science. The students will learn high quality of patients care, and prevention diseases, through theoretical lecture, advanced nursing laboratories and direct contact with the patient during practical lecture at hospital. They will graduate with advance knowledge, practices and skills, and providing quality patient care in public and private health entities.


The department of nursing focuses on preparing professional nurses who will serve the hospital and community with dedication, devotion, compassion and kindness via excellent education programs. These programs are designed to provide health services to the society in accordance with international and local academic standards. Every student nurse who passes from this institute will be an epitome of nursing with adequate scientific knowledge and will be able to work at primary and secondary levels of care within the country and abroad.


The nursing department is dedicated to providing students with information, skills, and values ​​to qualify them to provide high-quality nursing services from the various health care facilities available in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and Iraq in general, which contribute to preparing of nursing staff in cooperation with local and regional bodies and organizations.