Department of Agricultural Project Management in 2019 to reform agricultural departments in Kalar Technical Institute in a way that meets the demands and needs of the labor market. Graduates of this department will be holders of technical diplomas entitled agricultural leaders, who can work in the public and private sectors.

Agricultural project management education as a new concept and approach in the Kurdistan Region has become an important need of the people and the market alongside the fields of agricultural economy and agricultural sciences. It is aimed for the purpose of building and developing the agricultural sector in terms of management, trade and marketing of its products domestically and international.


It generally focuses on research and teaching in the fields of agricultural project management, agricultural economics, agricultural product marketing, agricultural guidance, rural development, agricultural policy, food production, and natural resources.


Our main goal is to prepare students with broad knowledge in all fields of social, administrative, economic, political and agricultural sciences to train competent, independent and capable staff who have the ability to think broadly, self-reliance, work with groups and problem solving. Preparing them for their future careers in private and public sector institutions and offices, organizations and independent work in the fields of:

  1. Agricultural project management
  2. Management
  3. Consultancy
  4. Guidance
  5. Analysis of agricultural data and information
  6. Agricultural Supervisor
  1. plant protection lab
  2. bee keeping lab
  3. soil lab
  4. lab plant physiology
  5. Machinery Workshop