Scientific Committee Members

Full NameAcademic TitleCommitteeDepartment
Dr Fadhil Salman AbidProfessorChairman of the CommitteeIT
Ismaeel Mhamad RasheedLecturerMemberIT
Soran Abdlkareem PashaAssistant LecturerMemberIT
Dr. Hassan Mhamad TawfeeqLecturerChairman of the CommitteeNursing
Sarmad Sleman MhamadLecturerMemberNursing
Hawal Lateef FatehAssistant LecturerMemberNursing
Dr kameran Mhamad AliAssistant ProfessorChairman of the CommitteeMedical Laboratory technician
Dr Mhamad Hassan FatahAssistant ProfessorMemberMedical Laboratory technician
Dr Hassan Mhamad TawfeeqLecturerMemberMedical Laboratory technician
Sarmad Sleman MhamadLecturerMemberMedical Laboratory technician
Dr Hazhar Mhamad AzizLecturerMemberMedical Laboratory technician
Dr Ayad Fayaq ShahabAssistant ProfessorChairman of the CommitteeSurvey
Basam Sdiq HssenAssistant LecturerMemberSurvey
Haidar jawad AzizAssistant LecturerMemberSurvey
Halgoord Nasradin HassanLecturerChairman of the CommitteeAgricultural Project Management
Dr Masood Sabir MhamadLecturerMemberAgricultural Project Management
Wissam Ismail IbraheemLecturerMemberAgricultural Project Management
Dr Mahmood Hassan MhamadAssistant ProfessorChairman of the CommitteeVeterinary
Mhamad Abdkareem WahabAssistant ProfessorMemberVeterinary
Dr Laith Yaseen ArifLecturerMemberVeterinary