The Information Technology-IT department is one of the main departments of the Kalar Technical Institute\ Sulaymaniyah Polytechnic University. The duration of the study in this department is for two years. The location of Department is in Khanaqin – alongside the industrial Secondary School. The goal of this department is to educate and graduate high skilled students in the field of information technology with diploma certification. In order to prepare them to contribute to the whole field of work through technology applications and it’s used for multiple domains.


To achieve global standards in quality of education, research, and development in information technology by adapting to rapid technological advancement.

  1. To produce technologically competent and ethically responsible graduates through balanced and dynamic curriculum.
  2. To take up creative research in collaboration with government and professional societies to make the nation as a knowledge-power.
  3. To produce successful graduates with personal and professional responsibilities and commit to lifelong learning.
  4. To prepare skilled technical staff and experts in various specializations at levels of technical diploma degree. The graduates will be equipped with up-to-date skills and knowledge in line with the latest scientific, technological developments and according to market needs.
  5. The students will have the ability to serve the community and participate in its progress.
Programmed Outcomes:

Students of Information Technology at the time of graduation will be able to:

  1. Apply the knowledge of mathematics, sciences, programming, database and basic technical skills to solve real life problems.
  2. Analyze the local and global impact of environmentally friendly hardware/software applications for sustainable development.
  3. Practice code of ethics in personal, social and professional activities.