The Nursing Department is one of the medical departments of the College of Health and Medical Technology at Sulaimani Polytechnic University. It was established in 2018 and started registration for first-round students in the academic year (2018-2019). Since then, the department has started with the preparation and graduation of Nursing Students to provide a number of nursing health services in the different healthcare settings in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, including hospitals and primary healthcare centers. Students in the department have acquired a range of theoretical and practical information about modern nursing science.

Moreover, Practical lessons are tough in clinical settings, in addition to college laboratory teaching methods in the following medical subjects: Human Anatomy, Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Clinical Physiology and Clinical Biochemistry, Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Adult Nursing, Paediatric Care Nursing, Pharmacology, Maternity Child Health Nursing, Obstetrics & Gynaecological Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Critical Care Nursing and Psychiatric Nursing. The students will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

The updated development of professional nursing is a highly demanding skill in the health sector; therefore, the nursing department offers a number of qualified nurses that have the opportunity to acquire greater understanding, knowledge, and skills to deliver proper healthcare services in the medical health sectors.


The Nursing Department of the College of Health and Medical Technology aims to inspire future leaders in the advancement of the profession and promote the art and science of nursing in a collaborative, culturally sensitive, evolving health care environment, through its innovative evidence-based practice, rich curriculum, student-base centered learning program, and research that reflect a commitment to excellence.


The mission of the department is for future nurses and nurse leaders to use a framework that is student-centered and evidence-informed. Students actively engage in providing high-quality care focusing on optimizing health outcomes for diverse individuals, families, and communities. Furthermore, a stimulating learning environment in the department develops critical thinking and emphasizes the highest ethical and moral standards of care.


The Nursing Department adopts the same set of values as the Medical Health sectors, which includes: Respect, Integrity, Innovation, Leadership, Teamwork and Collaboration, Accountability, Stewardship, and Diversity.

Goals and objectives

Upon successful completion of the nursing department, the graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate respect for the inherent worth and uniqueness of individuals and populations by integrating ethical reasoning, social justice, and a global perspective in the provision of nursing care.
  2. Employ the nursing process using clinical reasoning to deliver compassionate, safe, culturally relevant, and patient/family-centered care.
  3. Synthesize knowledge from the humanities and sciences into professional nursing practice, scholarship, and service to others.
  4. Appraise research findings to engage in evidence-based practice that promotes optimal health outcomes.
  5. Utilize effective inter- and intra-professional communication and collaboration to optimize health outcomes.
  6. Demonstrate professional leadership by advocating for a culture of patient safety and systems thinking.
  7. Incorporate principles of population health, health promotion, and disease prevention in partnership with diverse communities to promote health equity.
  8. Utilize informatics and patient care technologies to promote health across the life course.
  9. Commit to intellectual curiosity and life-long learning.

Criteria of the Nursing Department

The department has the following criteria:

  1. The academic study in this department is four years, including theoretical and practical lectures.
  2. The graduates have the right to obtain Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and have the opportunity to employ as nurses in all medical health sectors.
  3. Graduates of Technical Institute (Technical Diploma) in Nursing and graduates from Higher Secondary Schools have the opportunity to register at this department in order to obtain Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.
  4. Graduates have the opportunity to work in all governmental and private health sectors.
  5. Graduates of this department can complete postgraduate studies (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) within and outside the country in various health-related specialties.
  6. A student who is the first in the department in the first stage can join the College of Medicine.

Contacts Nursing Department:

For questions about the application process to all undergraduate Nursing department, please contact an Admissions Counsellor at:
Contact Number: +964 (0)7725216247, +964 (0)7700909349 or +964(053)1153

Address: 413 Chwarchra, Chwarchra Street, Sulaimani City, Kurdistan region, Iraq