Anesthesia is one of the medical expertise that is provided for patients by the special professional staffs of the field in both governmental and private hospitals, especially in surgery areas. The nature of working in the field involves undertaking some medical practices and services to the patient before caring out on operation; prior to, and following the operation which are the main requirements of the operation which facilitate the surgery process.


A follow-up in the establishment of this section is for the development of the scientific national and international aspects of manner:

  1. A cadre of academic and technical in the field of health.
  2. Provide better health services for the citizens of the region.
  3. Participation in scientific research for the purpose of developing emergency services for patients in case of necessity.


The Anesthesia department is the first department overall departments which educate students in anesthesia with a BSc degree. This department is able to produce academic staff, who will be able to work under strong guidelines to provide and take high quality and safe health care to all individuals in our community in order to overcome Kurdistan region.


This is an important department in the technical college of Health and aims to prepare qualified health staff to provide the best services to patients before and during surgery.


At the end of the study, students can:

  1. Understand all the scientific and academic aspects specialized in this field.
  2. They have sufficient information in the fields of medical science, technique of anesthesia, and related nursing procedures.
  3. Collect the theoretical topics to practical care to serve patients.
  4. Show them academically in terms of health to deal with patients and the possibility of working with a team.
  5. Working under patient pressure.
  6. Carry out scientific research competent in this field.
  7. Participate in workshops and seminars on treatment and find out appropriate ways to solve health problems in this field, academically and scientifically.

The specialties of this department:

  1. The study in this section is four years, including theoretical and practical lectures.
  2. The student gets a bachelor’s degree and is appointed as an anesthesia technician.
  3. Graduates of the technical institute and students of final grades of high school can enter this college to obtain a bachelor’s degree.
  4. Graduates of this department can work in all governmental and private health sectors.
  5. Graduates of this department can complete postgraduate studies (master’s and doctorates) within and outside the country in various health specialties.
  6. The student who is the first in the department in the first stage can join the College of pharmacy.

Department Council Committee:

Full Name Academic Title Committee Member
Dr. Safa Bakr Karim
Assistant Professor
Dr. Zana Nasradin Muhiaddin
Assistant Professor
Dr. Bakhtyar Kamal Muhammed
Assistant Professor
Kamal Jalal Rashid
Sarko Masoud Muhammed