College of Health and Medical Technology is one of the leading and important colleges of the Sulaimani Polytechnic University. This is a health-related scientific college dealing with personal and community health. The college has a large number of bachelor and postgraduate studies including master’s and Ph.D. studies at the moment. The college provides health personnel, nurses, anesthetic, and medical laboratory analysis personnel to serve in private, public hospitals and the community.

College of Health and Medical Technology was established first with one department, community health and then it became a college under the name of “Technical College of Health”. Technical College of Health had two departments which were community health and medical laboratory departments. When the college was equipped with more laboratories, and medical instruments, the third department opened to welcome students which were the Anesthesia department, and the name of the college was changed to College of Health and Medical Technology.

College of Health and Medical Technology has the following departments:

  1. Medical Laboratory Analysis.
  2. Nursing
  3. Anesthesia


The goal of the College of Health and Medical Technology is to provide a better healthy life for everyone in the country. The graduates of the college have enough knowledge of advanced health science to serve people and patients in hospitals and laboratories. Another aim of the college is to educate people in health science to understand transmissible diseases, vaccination, and protecting themselves from infectious diseases.


College of Health and Medical Technology is trying to build a health staff and personnel equipped with new and advanced sciences related to common health, anesthesia, nurses, and laboratory analysis. The graduates of the college will serve in health sectors in public and private hospitals, in medical laboratories, and in the community. In general, the college tries to provide better health services for the citizens of the region and participate in health-related research to understand the health issues in the country and to save lives.