The Department of Public Relations and Marketing is one of the scientific departments of Dukan Technical Institute of Sulaimani Polytechnic University. It is located in Dukan district in Sulaimani province.  This department is new and modern, and currently is very essential in the labor market and society. The significance of this department in the labor market is to prepare and train central cadres to work in the labor market in the field of public relations in both public and private sectors, in the process of marketing goods and services, which can be managed by the graduates of this department.

Students who wish to study in the Department of Public Relations and Marketing must have a broad and diverse cultural background in the field of media and communication skills and somewhat expertise in English language proficiency. In addition, they have to be willing to work in the field of public relations and marketing in the future.


The aims of opening Public Relations and Marketing Department:

1- Training medium, capable and expert workforce in the field of public and international relations.

2- Training expert and trained individuals in the field of marketing process.

3. Providing human needs for both the private and public sectors in the field of public relations and marketing.

Department Committee
Full Name Academic Title Committee Member
Araz Ali Abdulrahman
Assistant Lecturer
Rawand Ismael Rasul
Assistant Lecturer