Dukan Technical Institute is one of the academic centers of Sulaimani Polytechnic University. The institute now has a staff of 140 academics and employees. Currently, there are about one thousand and three hundred students studying at this institute in the morning and evening systems. Different from other institutes, now the deanship, all the divisions and departments of Dukan Technical Institute have been digitalized. With regard to the academic staff, we have always endeavored to facilitate for our employees to be able get masters and PhD degrees. In addition, we have always attempted to have the best lecturers in Sulaimani area to teach at our institute. In both public and private sectors, our students have proved to be good and diligent employees. Furthermore, the students have been provided with an atmosphere, along with their studies, to participate in annual festivals, academic and scientific activities held at our institute. We have proudly worked with a team of our sincere employees as colleagues and a family to develop our institute. We are looking forward to making Dukan Institute a college and expand it more. 

Dr. Hemn Abdullah Wasta Ahmed

Dean of the DTI