Department of Banking Management is one of the departments of the Dukan Technical Institute, which is officially under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research. It is located in the town of Dukan, one of the districts of Sulaimaniya province.

This department is the only one department that exists throughout the Kurdistan region in general and specifically at Sulaimaniya Polytechnic University (SPU), and this has made it particularly important. Because of this fact, many students want to study in this area in compariso[


The purpose of the department is to educate the middle-class cadres through awarding of Graduation Diploma of Associate’s via provision of services to public and private sections in the fields of monetary, financial and banking in order to progressing of the country.              

About job market, the department is committed to providing high quality of middle- class cadres so that they will be ready to play managerial and banking roles. In other words, the graduates can take on all the tasks related to all the types of bank management. Performing tasks related to the accounting affairs of both governmental and non-governmental organizations, customs and other business affairs. Economics is also considered as part of their abilities.                                             

The alumni typically do one or more of the following careers:

The Banks, governmental organizations and Private sectors Accountant, The cashier of departments store, hypermarkets, supermarkets and malls.

Head of the Department:

Rzgar Hama Rashid Ahmed (MSc. Degree)