Department of Information Technology (IT) in Dukan Technical Institute is regarded as one of the important departments and this led the institute to enter a new phase of academic sphere.


The objective is to raise awareness about information technology in society and highlight its importance in performing daily tasks in various fields. The aim is to educate individuals on the correct use of technology, enabling them to develop innovative business ideas in this field. The focus is on empowering students to overcome any fear they may have while starting their practical career in technology and helping them achieve their goals. The ultimate goal is to motivate students to become professionals in the field of technology, managing their businesses using modern and contemporary ideas, and contributing to the country’s development and the world’s technological advancements.


The Department of Information Technology at Dukan Technical Institute offers courses related to computer and information technology, as well as mobile applications. This department is of great importance as it prepares students for the general sector and labor market. The aim is to develop successful cadres who can contribute to advancing and restructuring public or private institutions and adapt to the contemporary and modern world. This department is responsible for developing specialized technology cadres who can organize and prepare computers for the smooth operation of institutional affairs, establish internal networking, create online communication channels, provide easy access to information, and facilitate affairs related to technology. The department offers two years of academic study and two months of summer training to provide students with practical experience in various fields. This enables students to create special platforms for their affairs and helps to make their tasks easier and more efficient.

The aim of opening this department is to train qualified cadres to work in the field of computers and information technology, familiarize students in the fields of networks, databases, information systems, website development, the principles of computer formation and its necessary departments daily.