Halabja Technical Institute was established in 2003. It is the only institute of Sulaimani Polytechnic University in Halabja. It aims to take on the responsibility of being a leading institute in the region. The establishment of the Halabja Technical Institute was timely and necessary for the Kurdish students who needed a modern institute with a modern program, especially in Halabja where no such institute existed before. As such, the institute is committed to implementing a scientific and cultural understanding protocol with universities and institutes both inside and outside the region and worldwide. Halabja Technical Institute believes that students are the center of the learning process and therefore strives to provide them with new equipment and appropriate technology for their stage and era, as well as developing their skills and knowledge. This will lead to the development of science and technology in the region and serve the country, ultimately achieving the desires of the nation.


Halabja Technical Institute strives to become a leading higher education institution in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq by contributing to the development of the region through science and technology. The institute seeks to serve the community by applying advanced science and technology.


Halabja Technical Institute aspires to become a premier higher education institution in both the Kurdistan Region and Iraq by promoting the region’s development through science and technology. The institute is dedicated to producing a skilled and knowledgeable workforce in the fields of public health sciences, nursing, laboratory analysis, technology, and accounting. Graduates are prepared to serve in the health sector, including public and private hospitals, medical laboratories, and the wider community. Moreover, they can utilize technology to establish their own businesses or develop new systems. Overall, the institute aims to enhance services for the region’s residents and actively participate in scientific research to address the country’s challenges.

Halabja Technical Institute has the following departments at the current time:
  1. Nursing
  2. Medical Laboratory Technique.
  3. Business & Administration.
  4. Accounting
  5. Information Technology