The Department of Electronic Administration was established as a basic step to start a very important process in the Kurdistan Region, which is to transform the administrative process into an electronic system. That could be implemented through total reliance on the latest technologies and the use of the internet, computers and other similar means in providing services to citizens in government institutions, whether service or educational on the one hand, and the private sector on the other.


This department is intended to be one of the main components of the reform process led by the regional government in order to transform its institutions into electronic institutions, through training and qualification courses for employees in these institutions by the faculty of the department.

Prepare graduates to manage business and human resources with the latest methods and information technology. Furthermore, manage the electronic marketing process by designing and managing special websites according to the latest methods.


The tasks of this department are to produce middle staff in the field of management and prepare them to perform administrative functions in governmental and non-governmental institutions through the latest information technologies and devices in the field of communications, in order to provide the best services at the lowest cost and the least need to visit government departments and companies to obtain them. In addition to Building and consolidating relations within the scope of the technical university’s strategy with the labor market, based on the base of supply and demand, and on the continuous reorganization of study programs in order to provide the market needs for the labor force.

The Department of Electronic Management prepares and trains the manpower for the private sector on the electronic method and system used in international companies and institutions so that the management of the business and human resources in the private sector becomes electronic and relies on information technology, as it needs prepared and empowered cadres.

Undergraduate studies:

The duration of study in this department is (2) two years or (4) four semesters, adopting the Bologna system in it, where the student studies specialized courses in the field of management for a period of (15) fifteen weeks in each semester. Languages of learning and studying in this department are English, Kurdish, and Arabic.