As the dean, I take great pleasure in extending a warm welcome to you while you embark on your academic journey at our esteemed institution. Bakrajo Technical Institute (BTI) is a proud member of the Sulaimani Polytechnic University and is home to 270 dedicated staff, including accomplished academic personnel.

Currently, we have 250 students enrolled. At BTI, we offer an array of courses across four academic departments, namely, Food Science and Quality Control, Garden Design, Electronic Management, and Protected Agriculture. We are leaders in environmental and life sciences, environmental economics and management, policy, and design. Our institute is committed to help our community members maximize their opportunities for success by integrating scientific discovery, education, and real-life applications.

Our students work alongside experts in classrooms and laboratories, participate in internships, and engage in outreach initiatives beyond the institute. They have access to numerous opportunities, including lecture series, self-designed projects, and other programs that enable them to develop skills, knowledge, and insights to construct their global perspectives. Regarding academic staff, we are dedicated to provide our employees with opportunities to pursue master’s and doctoral degrees, and we have facilitated this process to make it easier for them. We strive to employ the best lecturers in the Sulaimani region.

We encourage our students to participate in various activities, including the institute’s annual festivals, academic and scientific events. We are proud to work with our team of loyal employees, who we consider friends and family, in developing the institute.

We are committed to transforming BTI into a college in the future, expanding its reach and impact even further.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Kawa Abdulridha Mohammed 
Dean of Bakrajo Technical Institute