Our Services

The Center seeks to build bridges between university and college graduates and post-university life by harnessing the diverse abilities of students and graduates in terms of theory, skills, and professionalism in the labor market, within the framework of the government’s overall plan In the Kurdistan Region through the following activities:


  • First: Conducting an Internship Program
  • Second: Developing the abilities and skills of students and graduates of universities and colleges through seminars, workshops, and courses.
  • Third: establishing linkages between the labor market and universities through skills training programs, conducting research and surveys within the labor market, and submitting the survey results to develop curricula.
  • Fourth: Strengthen relationships with local and international companies and organizations in order to train and employ university graduates.
  • Fifth: Conducting Job Fairs in order to create direct contacts between students, graduates, and employers to obtain job opportunities and training.
  • Sixth: Conducting Design Day activities in order to showcase students’ abilities and present their projects and innovations to meet the needs of the labor market in coordination with the department and expert teachers.
  • Seventh: Site Visit/Field Trip to introduce students to workplaces and institutions.
  • Eighth: Obtaining grants for business startups through local and international organizations and companies.