The Career Development Center (CDC) was established in 2015. The Career Development Center helps job seekers access the skills and resources necessary to succeed in the workforce, whether you’re just starting college, getting ready to graduate or actively looking for a job, a career development center can be a valuable resource.

CDC aims to engage students and alumni with employers and experiential opportunities that help them reach their professional goals. Furthermore, guide students and alumni as they explore their unique self (interests, values, personality, skills) as well as occupational possibilities. It helps to educate students, alumni on the lifelong nature of career development, and as well as skills and strategies for identifying meaningful employment. Finally, make better use of the web, databases, and other technology to broaden our reach and enhance our services to students and employers.

Our Services

  1. Conducting an Internship program.
  2. Developing the abilities and skills of students and alumni of university and Institutions through seminars, workshops, and courses.
  3. Building linkages between the labor market and the university through the internship program, conducting research and surveys within the labor market, and presenting the results of the surveys for curriculum development purposes.
  4. Establish relationships with local and international organizations and companies to train and employ university and institution alumni.
  5. Conduct Job Fairs to create direct contacts between students, alumni, and employers to obtain jobs and training.
  6. Conducting a Design Day to showcase students’ abilities and present their projects and innovations to meet the needs of the labor market in collaboration with the department and expert teachers.
  7. Site Visit/Field Trip to introduce students to workplaces and institutions.
  8. Obtain financial grants for business startups through local and international organizations and companies.