Terms & Conditions 

  • The researcher must work in a research center or digital cultural research center.
  • The reduction of the quota shall be at the rate of half of the quota.
  • The researcher must participate in scientific activities and research and must be supported in writing by the head of the center (Scientific Research Center) or (Digital Cultural Research Center) who have participated in scientific activities and research in the centers.
  • Researchers are required to conduct a seminar every three months in their colleges and institutes about their research and scientific activities in the university research center.
  • Complete a research (individually or in partnership) within at least one year and try to publish the research in an accredited journal Scopus or Impact Factor.
  • 6- The researcher must send an official letter of support to the college or place where he works in order to reduce half of the quorum in which he has participated in scientific activities and research in the centers For scientific affairs and higher education.
  • Any financial incentives and rewards for publishing research in university research centers for teachers and researchers shall be in accordance with the applicable financial guidelines.