On this auspicious occasion, it is my privilege to extend a cordial greeting to our distinguished guests, cherished family members, graduating students, and esteemed colleagues. In our capacity as faculty members at the CSI of Continuing Studies under the auspices of the Computer Science Institute, we remain steadfast in our commitment to imparting superlative education to our students, thereby equipping them with the requisite skills to pursue rewarding vocations in the domains of Database Technology, Network Management, and Information Technology. These disciplines epitomize some of the most expansive and dynamic domains in contemporary economies, proffering not only employment openings but also a plethora of additional prospects. Flourishing in this swiftly-transforming job landscape mandates that our students not only acquire hands-on competencies but also function efficaciously in groups, display adaptability and innovativeness, exercise critical thinking, and foster robust interpersonal relationships with associates and clients. Our responsibility in nurturing the advancement and progression of our students is one that we undertake with utmost earnestness, and we remain steadfast in our resolve to furnish them with the requisite resources for success. On this momentous occasion, we applaud the accomplishments of our graduating students, anticipating with eagerness the prospect of witnessing them utilize their abilities and erudition to effectuate constructive change in their preferred arenas.

Professor Dr. Diary Ali Mohammed Amin Manmi
Dean of the Institute