The Computer Science Institute at Sulaimani Polytechnic University is a prominent and crucial institution. It specializes in information technology and focuses on software marketing applications. Currently, the institute have an undergraduate and postgraduate staff, including diploma, master’s and PhD degree. Its programs aim to produce skilled professionals in Information Technology, Network Management, and Database Development, who can serve in the private, public, and community sectors.

CSI currently comprises three departments: Database, Network, and Information Technology. These departments offer two-year diplomas with a major in Computer Science and are fully accredited by the Ministry of High Education.

CSI boasts excellent facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, modern laboratories, and dedicated student resources. Students have access to state-of-the-art networked PCs with Internet, ensuring they have the tools necessary to succeed in their studies.


The aim is to capitalize on our existing strengths and establish ourselves as the foremost IT team in the region while also becoming the top choice for students and staff seeking a high-quality educational experience at CSI. We aspire to elevate CSI to the status of a world-class institution that is widely recognized for its exceptional teaching, research, creative expression, community engagement, and service both locally and globally.


CSI’s mission is to prepare highly skilled IT graduates who are equipped to enter the workforce or pursue graduate studies immediately. The program achieves this goal by emphasizing practical education rooted in laboratory work principles and applications. The curriculum focuses on teaching students about information technology sciences, including database programming, network technology, and IT. Students will gain experience in building, monitoring, and developing systems, as well as creating apps, through service projects. Additionally, CSI seeks to cultivate a strong local Kurdish IT workforce to protect our systems and create cutting-edge Kurdish software.