The Department of Database Technology belongs to the Institute of Computer Science of Sulaimani Polytechnic University. Education in both stages is in the form of the Bologna process, this process is currently followed in more than (80) countries in order to provide labour markets for students so that students who graduate in this department can easily play a significant role in the private and public sectors and be functional. The principle of opening this department is to prepare a class of talented students who have the ability to study networking technology, programming and other subjects like network security, mobile applications, database and other related subjects.


As we all know, technology is advancing significantly and this advancement has a direct impact on daily life because it has made life much easier. A very simple example, when a person wants to shop in a supermarket, he must visit one of the supermarkets, choose his goods, and finally go to the cashier to count the goods. This is where the importance of using technology comes into play because the cashier needs a database system to record the items in a very short time and with the least errors. This allows as many customers as possible to do their shopping in a short time and at the same time provides accurate statistics on the number of customers and all the goods they have bought. Similarly, this database system has been used for many other service institutions such as hospitals, schools, libraries, etc.


Here we can highlight the importance of this section for society in two very important points. First, students can complete their studies and become certified in two years when admitted to this department, thus benefiting students/families with low income or time. Second, as mentioned earlier, the importance of database systems in all sectors directly affect people’s daily lives.