Halabja Technical College of Applied Sciences was established in 2005 with the aim of providing high quality technical education to the residents of Halabja and its surroundings. Our college offers a number of comprehensive scientific programs through our three scientific departments, which include the Department of Medical Laboratory, Food Science and Quality Control and the Department of Agricultural Projects. From this perspective, we are proud to have been able to provide an inclusive and diverse learning environment for our students. The college has had a significant impact on the development of the region through various social and scientific activities. We are proud to have actively participated in all administrative sectors of Halabja such as health, environment, management, and technology. We believe that our students are an integral part of our community and can contribute to the development of the area through their skills and knowledge. Our college faculty and staff are highly qualified and experienced in providing the best educational process services to our students and providing modern laboratories and classrooms to ensure that our students benefit in their field of expertise. Finally, we strive to maintain the academic standards that produce a high level college so that our graduates have the necessary skills and knowledge to find jobs and develop their careers in the future. We are confident that this college will provide a modern and scientific education for our students and help them achieve their goals. Thanks to those students who choose the Technical College of Applied Science as the beginning of their higher education. We are happy to work to meet the trust and expectations of students, teachers, and employees.

Dr. Bakhtiar Obaid Sharif

Supervisor of College Affairs