First International Scientific Exchange between Sulamimani Polytechnic University and British University Started

First International Scientific Exchange between Sulamimani Polytechnic University and British University Started

After receiving Erasmus plus fund of European Union for scientific exchange between the research center of SPU and University of Reading and its partnerships, the first joint activity  started with an invitation to the head of research center and “Digital Cultural Heritage” group, Dr. Rozhen Kamal Mohamed Amin who visited Britain and started their activities which was consisting of number of meetings and planning for further common projects and funding and expanding relations of the research center of SPU and University of Reading in terms of protecting cultures and museums and other fields.

During her visit to the university, each of Director of International research and Director of Institute of Culture and innovation and strategic projects hold a meeting with Dr.Rozhen  in the presence of Director of Agriculture life museum, during which they appreciate  Dr.Rozhen  effective role and efforts for the academic projects and academic achievements She  got in the field of museum  and have realized this through the information they obtained during the presence of some of them in the symposium held in 2017 in the same university, which was the reason for inviting the Center to participate in the Erasmus plus application.During the meeting, they indicated the ways to expand joint works between both universities then they signed MoU with the Sulaimani Polytechnic University.  Then during her intensive work  ,Where she held a week of meetings with the director of the Museum of Reading  and Professor at the Museum of Ashmulian of Oxford  University who  wished her participation  in the expansion of one of the museum’s halls may be similar to what she did at the University of Canada. Dr. Rozhin also held a meeting with the Architectural Department at the University of Reading, where the department participates in several strategic projects of protection of the heritage and museums in the city of Reading. In spite of the modernity of the department, it was able within two years to become one of the top five architectural sections in Britain. 600 students filled application form to study in this section, the head of the department is one of the active specialists in the British Royal Institute responsible for the curriculum of the department and the certification in Britain and the countries that apply its methods.

In response to the request of Professor Roger Matthews, Supervisor of Scientific Exchange and Dr. Wendy Matthews, Dr. Rozhin presented a seminar on Cultural Heritage in 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities in the presence of about 40 professors and students of higher education and baccalaureate of the university.

Its worth mentioning that European Union’s Erasmus office has informed Dr.Rozhen that she has registered a historic visit where she is the first visitor of Erasmus plus in Iraq and Iran thus she received a present from the Pro-Vice Chancellor for International affairs, During her visit to Britain, she was able to establish scientific relations with number of professor and researchers of Oxford and Glasgow as well as King College London for international common Projects that she could receive Britain and European funding.Before returning to Kurdistan she was also invited by Lister University to deal with common projects and funding as well as expanding scientific activities of the research center of SPU as well as the other university.

She also said that the year 2018 will be full of activities in the Research Center and we hope that the researchers and members of the Center as well as the academic staff get benefit from the scientific relations and joint ventures that she founded in Britain during her visit.

It is worth mentioning that Dr.Rozhin has activities and research in more than 12 countries. She received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in architecture and doctorate with a degree of excellence  in Canada  and held many joint works and scientific relations with the professor and researchers of Canada, America, , Netherlands, Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Germany.