Sulaimani Polytechnic University (SPU) has Submitted the Recommendations of the Scientific Meeting on the Administrative, Legal and Economic Dimensions Regarding the Promotion of Employees which was Held by the Technical College of Administration in Collaboration with the Legal Center of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (P.U.K)

In the framework of the efforts of Sulaimani Polytechnic University to follow up and discuss issues related to the daily lives of different classes, technical College of Administration of Sulaimani Polytechnic University in collaboration with the Legal Affairs Center of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan has held a scientific meeting on the administrative, legal, and economic dimensions of the decision to promote employees of the Kurdistan Region in Sulaimani.

In the meeting attended by Dr. Haval Abubakr, Governor of Sulaimani, Vice Presidents of Sulaimani Polytechnic University for Administrative and Financial Affairs, as well as Students Affair and a number of government and party officials were also present. The meeting began with a joint speech by Sulaimani Polytechnic University and the PUK Legal Affairs Center, then the discussion of the meeting began.

Professor Dr. Hersh Rasul said that the promotion of employees has been suspended for nearly nine years, which has directly created a huge burden on employees and indirectly on the shoulders of all citizens and has had a negative impact on market movements. “In terms of what we believe; Universities, conferences and meetings of academic centers shouldn’t be separated from society and the lives of individuals and various crises, so we considered it important and necessary to hold this scientific meeting at this time.” He hoped that the topics of the meeting would lead to a scientific and objective discussion and finally present appropriate recommendations and solutions.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Jalal Abdullah as the panel moderator and Prof. Dr. Kazim Faraj, Dr. Omid Aziz, Prof. Asst. Dr. Kamran Qadir participated as the panelists. Prof. Dr. Kazim Faraj pointed to the negative impact of the delay in promotion on all employees. Also Dr. Omid Aziz spoke about the legality of the decision and compliance with the applicable laws on promotion. Then Asst. Prof. Dr. Kamaran Qadir highlighted the impact of the decision on the economy, income, and the time difference in compensation.

The meeting discussed the decision of suspending the promotion of employees from the perspective of administrative, legal, and economic dimensions, and it was considered necessary for the Kurdistan Regional Government to work on suspending the decision and restore this right to employees.

At the same time, the importance of positive pressure from the media and public opinion to resume promotions was considered.

Afterwards, some of the participants asked questions and had comments to the panelists, and they were answered.

It was also decided to convey the recommendations and comments of the meeting to the relevant parties in the government, parliament, and judicial council in the region.