The 33rd Graduation Ceremony of Sulaimani Polytechnic University was Held in Kalar

Under the supervision of Dr. Aram Mohammed Qadir, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and supervised by Prof. Dr. Hoshyar Abdullah Aziz, the President of Sulaimani Polytechnic University and in the presence of the Vice Presidents of Sulaimani Polytechnic University, members of the University Council, the President of Garmian University, parliamentarians, governor of Kalar district, general director of education of Kalar, a number of government officials, teachers and students of Kalar Technical College, today Thursday, January 19, 2023, another class of graduates of Sulaimani Polytechnic University – Kalar Technical College, will be held in the hall of events in Kalar district.

The ceremony began with a moment of silence for the souls of the martyrs of the Kurdistan liberation path and the path of knowledge with the anthem of Ay Raqib.

Prof. Dr. Hoshyar Abdullah Aziz, President of Sulaimani Polytechnic University, congratulated the students of Sulaimani Polytechnic University and wished them a bright future. He mentioned that, today is the day you are waiting for which you are proud, and I hope you become a person who serves and is loyal to your country and your own business.

The President of the university said that the social and economic situation and the labor market in the Kurdistan Region has seen great changes, the system of finding jobs in the classical way of employment in the public sector has changed. He also said that universities should not only aim to award degrees, not only to be proud of the number of graduates and our position in the rankings, but we must adapt our universities and academic centers with today’s developed world. Let us achieve the goal of improving society, creating job opportunities and improving the scientific level of our universities, teachers and students. In his speech, the President said that it is our pleasure and pride to hold the 33rd graduation ceremony of Sulaimani Polytechnic University today, and a significant number of students will receive bachelor’s and diploma degrees from Sulaimani Polytechnic University. It provides a bright future for the graduates and they will become owners of private jobs and projects.

Prof. Dr. Hoshyar Abdullah Aziz, President of Sulaimani Polytechnic University, said that we are now following a dream that we believe will create great changes and become a cause of progress in society, and it is a pride for ourselves and our teachers and students. With the needs of the labor market, we will not get tired and continue our efforts for this purpose. We work as one team, and will achieve the great dreams of the students and ourselves and we will not stop until we succeed. The president of the university pointed out that year after year in the rankings of universities, in the local and international ones, our university has crossed a good and satisfactory level, which is of course due to the loyalty and hard work of teachers and employees.

The President said that since the beginning of their occupation, they have intensified their efforts to use all the administrative and financial capabilities of the university to serve students, for this purpose, through all colleges and institutes, they have been able to renew several classrooms. They are in the process of providing most of the needs of the dormitories and move closer to the goal of a suitable environment for the students who live in the dorms.

At the end of his speech, he thanked the council of Sulaimani Polytechnic University to the Committee Supervisory of the graduation ceremony and all the deans, teachers and employees who have worked for the success of science and education.

Prof. Chia Mohammed Hassan, Dean of Kalar Technical College, welcomed everyone in a speech, and he congratulated the students and their families on receiving their certificates. He also thanked (Qubad Talabani) Deputy Prime Minister of KRG, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Presidency of Sulaimani Polytechnic University for supporting the expansion of the college, which was initially only the Kalar Technical Institute. At the end of his speech, the dean of Kalar Technical College said that we are proud that today 795 students receive technical certificates in their specialties. We want them to fill all the gaps in the public and private sector institutions and become a loyal and competent cadre to serve the Kurdistan Region.

Then the students’ representative read speeches and congratulated the graduates of the 33rd course of Sulaimani Polytechnic University and Kalar Technical College for obtaining a certificate. He said that we as graduate students have a duty to be loyal to the people and the country so that in the future each of us, according to our expertise, serve the people and the country.

After bringing the flags of Iraqi Federal Government, the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Sulaimani Polytechnic University and 13 colleges and institutes of Sulaimani Polytechnic University, they started singing the anthem of Sulaimani Polytechnic University. Afterwards, the President and members of the council of Sulaimani Polytechnic University were present on the stage of the graduation ceremony.

In the graduation ceremony of the 33rd course of students of Sulaimani Polytechnic University, Dr. Bakhtiar Obaid Sharif, Vice President for Student Affairs, read the oath and the students repeated the oath that they should be loyal to their career and the Kurdistan Region.

Afterwards, the dean of Kalar Technical College asked the university president to award certificates to the graduates according to different specialties.

The President of Sulaimani Polytechnic University (SPU) has approved the awarding of graduation certificates to students of Kalar Technical College for the academic year 2021-2022.

Then prizes and gifts were distributed to the first students. The gifts were provided by Maiorca company (Mariwan Haji Jamal), Al-Majazf company (Faiq Nuri Jassim) and Bruska company (Sardar Ahmed Saleh).

At the end of the ceremony, students expressed their happiness by dancing with Kurdish music and songs.