• Health and Safety Directorate

    Health and Safety Directorate0

    One of the objectives of the Sulaimani Polytechnic University is taking care of the health and safety of all the students, teachers and staff. This service is going to be delivered by the directorate of health and safety of the university with the support of all the health and safety chambers throughout the university’s entire

  • Directorate of Dormitory0

    Director: Dana Muhammad Karim Supervising all dormitories of Sulaimani Polytechnic University and issuing required notices and regulations. Visiting the dormitories in each college and institutes. SPU consists of 13 colleges and institutes .Each has a dormitory for boys and girls: totally30 dormitories all over Sulaimani city. The Directorate staff: 1. Yassin hama Ameen Mahmood 2.

  • Directorate of the General Registration0

    This belongs to the directory the presidency of university; this is related to the student’s affair. It is consisted of two rooms.one of them is it`s in charge of 13 registration room within 5 colleges and 8 institutions, in addition to that it works for carrying out students affairs. – Receiving students and confirming their


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