A Symposium was organized on the Private and partisan media in the Kurdistan Region

A Symposium was organized on the Private and partisan media in the Kurdistan Region

On Saturday 3/2/2018 Academic Media Network in cooperation with Dukan Technical Institute organized a Symposium entitled (The future of Private and Partisan Media in Kurdistan Region).

The symposium started with a moment  of silence for the souls of our martyrs and name of Peshmarga   then a speech  delivered by D.Kawa Ratha from Academic Media Network who stated (we are against inhuman attacks on Journalists and we call on human rights organizations and the Security Council to have reactions to the violations against journalists).

Then Assist .prof Dr.Alan delivered his speech, He noted the efforts of the university in organizing many activities, scientific and academic conferences, and then he thanked Dukan Technical Institute staff for organizing the Symposium as well as their previous activities.


The Symposium was consisting of two panels ,the first panel headed by Lecturer Karwan Abdulla from University of Sulaimani and his colleagues Dr.Hakem Othman Dean of Technical College and Mr.Anwar Hussain while the second Panel headed by Lecturer Banaz form University of Sulaimani and her colleagues Dr.Nazakat Hussain form University of Sulaimani and  Dr.Shwan Adam Ayvas from SPU.

Then they presented their views on what the partisan and the private sector media in Kurdistan are producing, pointing out the lack of media planning in its programs and objectivity in providing information to viewers and listeners forgetting their professional and social responsibilities in providing that information

The two groups also noted the existence of suspicious pages on social media trying to sow sedition and intimidate people away from professionalism and sense of responsibility then the two sides stressed the need to establish a strong national media that serves the interests of society of Kurdistan.

The participants then asked different questions about the subject of the media and expressed the hope   that the media professionals will do their best to develop a plan of action to restore the Kurdish media to their rightful place to serve their society.