Books Written by SPU Faculty on “Media Dominance in the Shadow of Globalization”

Books Written by SPU Faculty on “Media Dominance in the Shadow of Globalization”

Dr.Yahya Reshawy Assist. Prof. at Media Technique Department, Technical College of Administration at the Sulaimani Polytechnic University said that the media has become an important tool of globalization and the “Dominance” of big and great states, indicating that it caused the decline of sovereignty of states.

He added, The Zahawi Center for Intellectual Studies, issued his new book in Kurdish, and entitled “ھەژمونی میدیا لە سایەی جیھانگەراییدا”, which means media Dominance “Hejmoon” in the shadow of globalization. The 230 pages deals with the nature of the relationship between media and globalization and how media dominate other areas as a result of the proliferation of satellite channels, the Internet and other media and social networking, and the impact on traditional sovereignty of states and governments.

He added, the book linking the issue of the decline of sovereignty with the impact of the media, and attempts by major countries to exploit media to influence the mentality of the masses and their behavior and emotions, he also touched on the importance of satellite channels through examples of the Al-Jazeera, CNN and the BBC, in addition to the Internet and social networking sites.

The book includes three chapters, the first dealing with the communication process and international media discourse  through three topics, the first dealt with the concept of international communication, and the second to talk about the composition and how the work of international communication, and the latter the problems and obstacles to the international communication.

In the second chapter, the writer explains how the policy in the media has been reflected through three topics, the first deals with the concept of state sovereignty and the second analyzes the dialectical relationship between media and politics and the third explaining the media discourse and state sovereignty.

While the third chapter of his book was on the concept of globalization and the sovereignty of states through three topics. The first concerned the concept of globalization and its areas, the second to talk about media globalization, and the third topic dealt with the foundations of globalization and its relation to the sovereignty of states.

“Media Dominance=Hejmoon in the Shadow of Globalization”, is the sixth book of the author. He has previously published books, (media and objectivity, university and university teaching and His majesty) in Kurdish language While (journalism, awareness industry, media dominance in the shadow of globalization) in Arabic language

Dr. Yahya Omer Reshawy born in Halabja, 1971, holds a PhD in Media from Omdurman University in Sudan. He is a researcher and a writer in the field of media. He has many researches and participations in scientific, academic and media activities inside and outside the Kurdistan Region.